With Turnaround, the operator drives blade-forward or grapple-forward with full control of all functions. The full speed range and maximum tractive effort is available in both directions.

All Tigercat skidders are equipped with a revolutionary cab design. Turnaround, the two-position rotating seat, is standard equipment throughout the entire skidder product line.

Tigercat’s Turnaround seat swivels effortlessly, locking in either the forward or rear-facing position. Once facing rear, the operator has full control of all machine functions including drive controls. Instead of a wheel, the steer function is controlled with an armrest-mounted joystick that places the operator in a more secure, less extended, ergonomically-correct seating position.

Turnaround 630E

With Turnaround, forward and reverse have become meaningless terminologies. Thanks to Tigercat’s advanced hydrostatic drive technology, the operator can drive comfortably with the full speed range available either blade-forward or grapple-forward. The operator has control of all machine functions in either seating position.

Turnaround inside

In analyzing skidder duty cycles and cab ergonomics, Tigercat expects a significant reduction in operator fatigue and neck and upper back strain, especially in applications where the operator is required to drive for extended distances into the cut block in reverse and when picking up multiple bunches to build a sufficiently large drag.

The real benefits of Turnaround

Reduced neck strain. Bumping over tough terrain, with your neck turned to the rear invites injury. With Turnaround, the spine is aligned correctly and impacts on the body are easier to absorb. Operators who use Turnaround routinely tell us that they feel better at the end of the day.

Quicker turns and reduced fuel consumption. Rather than perform a wide U-turn or 3-point turn, the operator simply shuttles back and forth from the deck to the cut block without ever turning the machine around.

Perform decking duties with ease.

Negotiate tough terrain more easily.

Pick up multiple bunches more quickly.

An asset in wet terrain shovel logging applications where the machine is confined to a mat or thinning applications where the skidder must travel down a narrow corridor. Both of these skidding duties require long trips in reverse.

Used to its full potential, Turnaround expands the capabilities of the skidder. Imagine what Turnaround can do for you.

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